THURS., AUG. 14th – QUONOCHONTAUG (boat ramp) 
(out-going) – High tide (in area) approx 3:00pm

As a reminder, we (Rhody Fly Rodders ) will be having our Fourth  Summer Fishing Meeting – 

at QUONOCHONTAUG (boat ramp)  
Thursday, August 14th, around 3:00 till dark.
(If I knew the way to ‘Quonny’, (sounds like the start of a song), I’d add the directions here…but, I’ve never been there, so you’ll have to ask someone you know, or use Google to get you there. Sorry! (Click here for map directions from RT1 Charlestown)
Do come early – and stay late. We will have grills and condiments, water, chips, etc, – bring your own ‘dogs’, ‘burgers’, sausage or whatever.  Bring a chair if you want to sit.

Now this time, let’s get some nice fish! And take some pictures!!!! I’m collecting all pictures for the newsletter, so please send them to me.
You know, these summer meetings are getting to be legendary, so “be there or be square!”
It’s always a fun time – please come join us! Bring a friend.
I won’t be able to be there this month as I will be having a bit of knee surgery that day.
I’d like to ask, if you have a small folding table…4′ or 6′ please bring. Also if anyone has another small, table size grill please bring, because Armand might not be able to attend this ‘meeting’, because his wife is also having surgery. Extra bottles of water or other drinks would be great, too!
Please spread the word to members and friends who don’t get this reminder or don’t know what a computer is.
Best to you all, I wish I could be there with you and fish. Have fun!
Peter Nilsen