January Meeting



with Capt. Ray Stachelek

Traditionally the first presentation of the year has always been our long standing friend and member Captain Ray Stachelek.  Captain Ray has been actively flying drones for quite a while over some of our favorite waters, offering breath taking panoramic views of our Ocean State.  Napatree Point is one of the least known gems in the crown jewel of the Rhode Island coastline. This barrier beach along our south western shore offers some of the finest opportunities to intercept the fall migration. Stripers and bluefish stage here during the fall run.  Why not?  Because Napatree Point provides ample forage with a southwest wind that pushes the bait close to the sandy beach shore. Easy to walk and wade, beautiful scenery, serene setting.  This seminar chronicles one special fall October day.  Emphasis will be on bait, flies, and techniques. So, come join us on Tuesday, Jan.16th and be informed.   We’ll have some interesting bucket raffles and good conversations with some great people.  All are welcome. Bring a friend.

Come join us on Tuesday, January 21st at 6:30pm. for a presentation with Captain Ray Stachelek, with a complete look at Fly Fishing Napatree Point during the annual Fall exodus of stripers, blues and albies!

  • Exquisite drone Photography
  • Hole by Hole descriptions
  • Where to fish
  • What to Fish
  • How to fish

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