March Meeting Cancelled

Rhody Fly Rodders and Friends,

We hate to bow to this growing hysteria, but due to the exploding circumstances that developed yesterday as to this Coronavirus, the board of directors of Rhody Fly Rodders has decided to heed the warnings and cancel this coming March meeting on Tuesday, March 17th.
As most of us fall into the ‘age warning category,’ we think it would be better not to take chances having 40 or so older folks crowded in a small room.
As a side note, the ‘Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association’ has cancelled their New England Fishing Show that was to take place on March 27th, 28th, 29th. 
We hope you stay well, and take all precautions to prevent the spread of this virus.
Please relay this information to other members that you know, that may not use email.
Till next month!


March Meeting


Tips & Tactics for Fly Fishing New
England Boulder Fields for Striped
Bass from Shore, with Jerry Audet…

Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30pm.


Boulder fields are found throughout the entire Striper
Coast, but are particularly prevalent in New England.
They are some of the “fishiest” locations along our coast,
and tend to be very consistent all season long in holding
fish. They are also some of the most challenging places
to fish, and require knowledge, and skill to access them.
Boulder fields are Jerry’s favorite place to fish, and he
will be discussing tactics and tips, gear and flys and
key variables in the understanding the structure and
how to unlock it. It’s all about the corners and edges!
He will provide both tried-and-true information and novel
ideas for making the most of the opportunities that exist
“in the rocks”- particularly at night.
Jerry Audet is a dedicated surf fisherman, who fishes
both plugs and flies. He regularly fishes a huge swath of
the coast from Long Island Sound to The Gulf of Maine.
He resides in Worchester County, MA.
We will have some great bucket Raffles, flies and hats for
sale along with good conversations with great friends.
All are welcome. Bring a friend.