April 2024 Monthly Meeting / Annual Cookout

It’s Back!

The Annual Rhody Cookout!

Tuesday, April 16th 6:00pm
Come join us for our Annual Summer
Fishing Season Kick-Off Celebration!
Come join us on Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30 pm,
when we will continue with our last winter indoor
meeting until October.
Great Raffle Prizes, and some fishing tackle for sale.
The bottle water and soft drinks are on us this
evening, and bar refreshments are available for purchase!
Hope to see you there! Bring a friend and introduce
them to some great people here at Rhody Fly Rodders!!

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February 2024 Meeting and Newsletter



Rhody Fly Rodders – ‘Past & Present’, a short slide presentation

by Capt. Ray Stachelek
When and where should start fishing this coming season?

What baitfish will the Striped Bass be following into our fishing areas and what flies should we start with?
Well, Susan will try and answer your questions and will also share some interesting facts on the History of Rhody Fly Rodders!

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December 2023 Meeting




Tuesday, December 19th – starting at 6:30pm

• What colors do fish see?
• What colors will attract fish to my flies?

Come and find out what fish see, and how
you can be more successful in your fishing by
using the right color flies at the right time of day!

Let’s clear the air (or should we say water) about color in liquid media? What do fish
actually see in their environment that’s quite different than ours? How are true colors
and imaging affected by motion and light refraction? How do fish behave with constant
changes of the color spectrum? What do they see with objects/images under motion?
Much of the information we receive is antidotal in nature based on our observation and
experiences. Could there be a more factual scientific explanation available to help the
angler? We’ll try to dispel some of these common myths with factual based scientific
evidence to help the angler understand more fully how fish might see our world.

So, please join us on Dec 20th! There will be some great bucket raffles,
and we will have some Hot Coffee & Christmas cookies….plus liquid
refreshments are always available from Jim, our capable barkeeper!!


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November Newsletter

Rhody Fly Rodders and Good Friends,
Here is the November Rhody Fly Rodders’ Newsletter for your viewing.
This month we will be having our Annual ‘Fly Tying Meeting!’
This is the month where we all get together, bring our tying equipment and tie some flies that will benefit our charity this year, which is ‘Project Healing Waters!’ This is an amazing organization that takes our disabled and troubled veterans, and teach them how to tie flies and take them fly fishing on their local waters. There are over 20 retreats around the country that get involved with this.
We will tie as many flies as we can, and sell them at our functions and shows this winter season, and then donate the monies to this wonderful organization.
WE NEED YOU! Please bring your tying ’stuff’ and tie some new patterns with 4 of our members, or tie on your own and donate those flies to our cause. Extra material will surely be available.
Refreshments will be served.  Come tie, or come to learn to tie. Always a good time!!!
More info in Newsletter link below

October 2023 Indoor Meeting


Come join us, catch up with good friends and enjoy some pizza and check out what we’re doing for our winter meetings this coming indoor season!


Please join us for our ‘Annual Kickoff to our Winter Indoor Meeting Season,’ with some Delicious Pizza! Plus, an assortment of other food goodies. After some great pizza we will discuss the agenda for the rest of the year, including our ‘Big Celebration of our 60th Anniversary and the banquet we will be having to celebrate this occasion. Then we can kick back, and brag about our summer fish catches and compare notes! So, don’t miss this informative evening! We hope to see you on October 17th! We will have some great bucket raffles, plus liquid refreshments are always available from Jim, our friendly bar keeper!! Join us for what should be a very fun evening, always good conversations with some great people! Come see what we are all about!

To read the October 2023 Newsletter click this link.





April 2023 Kickoff to Summer Meeting – April 19, 2023

Please join us for our ‘Annual Kickoff to the Summer Fishing Season,’ with some Delicious Pizza from Casertas’ on the ‘Hill!’ Plus, an assortment of other food goodies…followed by a Fly Fishing Video.

We have accumulated a lot of videos over the years so we will have a voting from you members on which video we want to watch.

Please come early and catch-up with friends as we will start at 5:30 with some fly casting on the front lawn. We will have some of our expert casters there to help beginners and give some tips and tricks to help you in your fly casting! This is also the time to ask our veteran members to share their tips and advice on places to fish this summer. So be there!

Our ‘Mission Statement’ is to “Pass on to all who ask what we learn here!” So, don’t miss this informational, fun evening! We hope to see you on March 21st! We will have some great bucket raffles, plus liquid refreshments are always available from Jim, our friendly bar keeper!! Join us for what should be a very fun evening, always good conversations with some great people! Come see what we are all about.


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November 2022 Meeting

Come to the next Rhody monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 15th at 6:30PM!

Our November meeting will be our ‘Annual Fly Tying Event,’ where this year we will be tying flies for our charity – ‘REEL RECOVERY’, an amazing organization dedicated to helping men who have, or who have had Cancer, by bringing them into the peaceful world of fly fishing and fly tying.

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