Interesting Article in Protect RI Brook Trout Facebook Page

In The New Year

“…Enter TU225? This once vibrant local chapter has in past been an advocate for wild trout in RI. Chapter policy documents from the past state that “the priorities should focus on wild trout”, that “natural reproduction” is to be “favored”, and that where “the population is self-sustaining” it be “managed to support the conservation and protection” of that population. For some time since that era, TU225 has been enamored of angling for the truck loads of hatchery trout that DEM regularly delivers to the ponds and streams of RI, including those harboring remnant populations of wild trout. The chapter continues to thumb its nose at its parent organization by endorsing the stockings and even participating in the work of stocking. TU225 has been high-jacked! Does it not seem peculiar to the membership at large that its leadership is at odds with TU National, and that a grass-roots entity (PRIBT) has arisen in RI to promote the mission of Trout Unlimited?”   more…

2 thoughts on “Interesting Article in Protect RI Brook Trout Facebook Page

  1. This is only one opinion. Why don’t you get the view of members of 225 or the Wood River Fly Fishers.

    You have members from 225 and 737 who are also members of Rhody Fly Rodders. I don’t think Rhody fly Rodders should be taking sides in this and publishing their blogs

  2. Thanks for the comment. I agree with the view expressed in the article. Anyone who disagrees, please feel to comment here. Unlike TU225 sites, this site allows anyone to voice their opinion.

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