Loaded with Question Marks for 2014

David Pickering – Friday January 3, 2014

“…I landed over 1200 stripers in 2013, my best year of the last 5 years as far as numbers.  Yet, numbers don’t tell the whole story.  My numbers of keepers were down compared to recent years and large keepers were really down.  This is probably the first time in the last five years that I did not land a 40 inch fish from shore in RI waters (got some at the Cape and from the boat though).  There are lots of complaints out there about the declining numbers of keeper fish, particularly from shore fishermen. Unfortunately, I think this trend will continue as keeper bass are highly targeted by commerical as well as recreational fishermen.  I see 2014 as a year of big numbers of schoolies but even poorer numbers of keepers.”  more…

Spring Fishing for Stripers

by Ken Abrames

It’s a special time for fly fishermen. If you have never fished the spring run then you have missed the sweetest part. It’s a wonderful time to fish for stripers. The things you see can only be witnessed in the spring. The spawning shrimp and mummies, the horseshoe crabs bumping into your booted feet, the silversides and the clam worm hatch and stripers. Stripers everywhere. That’s how I like to think about spring. Tidal rivers and creeks, small water, fish that are predictable in where they hold and feed. Good fishing, easy and hard, sometimes a stretch to catch even one and sometimes you leave exhausted from way too many fish caught and the next evening you return and do it all again. It’s the way it is in spring.       Read more here…

Well written article ….

The Last Days of Stealhead Joe

The Deschutes River fly-fishing guide called Stealhead Joe was an angling master with a long list of devoted clients. But as Ian Frazier, who fished with Joe last fall, learned, off the water, Joe’s life was a tangle of troubles that ultimately overwhelmed him.

Page from Peter’s new book.

From the recently published book  “Rhody Fly Rodders: Fifty Years. Fifty Members. Fifty Flies.” by Peter Nilsen.  (To purchase the book contact us)

Peter is the current (2014) club president. Armand Courchaine portrayed on pg. 27 lead the  club in 2013.