April Pizza Party!

Come join us on Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30 pm, when we will continue with our last winter indoor meeting until October. After we eat we will have a nice little video showing of ‘Fly Fishing for Stripers on Cape Cod.’ A nice look at fishing the Cape Cod flats during the sandeel hatch and a section on fishing from a boat in the famous ‘Cape Rips!’ Generally this month we would have had one of our famous ‘Rhody Cookouts’ to celebrate the coming of our fishing season, but the rules have changed as to ‘Rhody’ using the fire pit here at the Riverside Sportsmen Club. So, we will go with our famous ‘Pizza Party’ this time, and hope for a change in the rules. Again, we will have a few Great Raffle Prizes, and some fishing tackle for sale. The bottle water and soft drinks are on us this evening, and bar refreshments are available for purchase! Hope to see you there! Bring a friend and introduce them to some great people here at Rhody Fly Rodders!

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We’re Back! March meeting is happening! Tuesday, March 15th 6:30pm

Tuesday, March 15th 6:30pm “Everything you ever wanted to know about the NARROW RIVER with Ed Lombardo.

Come join us on Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30 pm, when we will continue on with our winter indoor meetings. This month we will have Ed Lombardo, and he will present a look at ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about the Narrow River.’ Ed and Geno Rapa are the resident ‘Riverkeepers and fish this great estuary all year long! So come learn all the spots, how and when to fish and what flies are the most productive! We’ll have a few Raffle Prizes, some fishing tackle for sale, and bar refreshments are available! Hope to see you there. Bring a friend and introduce them to some great people.

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November 2021 Meeting

Our November meeting will be our ‘Annual Fly Tying Event, where this year we will be trying to tie flies for this year’s charity – ‘Project Healing Waters’, an amazing organization dedicated to helping our wounded veterans heal their bodies and minds, by bringing them into the peaceful world of fly fishing and fly tying. . These retreats are run by professional facilitators and expert fly fishing instructors. They provide a safe reflective environment, expert fly fishing instruction, all at no cost. Truly a worthy cause. PLEASE join us for this fly tying meeting.

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April Meeting Canceled – Next Indoor Meeting – October 20, 2020

Due to this Coronavirus pandemic, we are officially cancelling our April Meeting.
I think we all knew that this would be the case as this dreaded virus continues to
spread and get worse, so the experts have asked all to sequester at home!
Lately more and more sequestering is taking place, and I hope you all are following
all the guidelines that will keep all you ‘old guys’ safe! I kid, but to have a meeting
with mostly members that are 50-85 years old, doesn’t make sense

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March Meeting Cancelled

Rhody Fly Rodders and Friends,

We hate to bow to this growing hysteria, but due to the exploding circumstances that developed yesterday as to this Coronavirus, the board of directors of Rhody Fly Rodders has decided to heed the warnings and cancel this coming March meeting on Tuesday, March 17th.
As most of us fall into the ‘age warning category,’ we think it would be better not to take chances having 40 or so older folks crowded in a small room.
As a side note, the ‘Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association’ has cancelled their New England Fishing Show that was to take place on March 27th, 28th, 29th. 
We hope you stay well, and take all precautions to prevent the spread of this virus.
Please relay this information to other members that you know, that may not use email.
Till next month!


March Meeting


Tips & Tactics for Fly Fishing New
England Boulder Fields for Striped
Bass from Shore, with Jerry Audet…

Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30pm.


Boulder fields are found throughout the entire Striper
Coast, but are particularly prevalent in New England.
They are some of the “fishiest” locations along our coast,
and tend to be very consistent all season long in holding
fish. They are also some of the most challenging places
to fish, and require knowledge, and skill to access them.
Boulder fields are Jerry’s favorite place to fish, and he
will be discussing tactics and tips, gear and flys and
key variables in the understanding the structure and
how to unlock it. It’s all about the corners and edges!
He will provide both tried-and-true information and novel
ideas for making the most of the opportunities that exist
“in the rocks”- particularly at night.
Jerry Audet is a dedicated surf fisherman, who fishes
both plugs and flies. He regularly fishes a huge swath of
the coast from Long Island Sound to The Gulf of Maine.
He resides in Worchester County, MA.
We will have some great bucket Raffles, flies and hats for
sale along with good conversations with great friends.
All are welcome. Bring a friend.

February Meeting



Dan Spedding, the fly fishing vagabond is back with another one of his presentations, this time showing us everything you need to know about EURO or CZECH STYLE nymphing! …plus he’ll tell us how he spent his summer vacation working in a fly shop in Montana!

Tuesday, February 18th at 6:30pm.

Our speaker for this month is an old friend of ‘Rhody’ that has blessed us with quite a few of his zany presentations over the years. This time he will tackle ‘European Nymphing, or Euro or Czech Nymphing. This technique is using long rods with specialized leaders, no added weight, no strike indicators and using small nymphs to catch trout. It’s a newer form of nymphing to US fly fishermen using European techniques that they have done for years. Dan will explain all this in his own unique way with, I’m sure, some funny stories thrown in for good measure. He also will share his experiences he had spending his summer vacation working in a fly shop in Montana. I’m sure there are some more unusual stories here, too. This should be informative, funny and entertaining!

We’ll have some nice bucket raffles, club hats and flies for Charity for Sale, along with good conversations with great people!

All are welcome.

Bring a friend!

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January Meeting



with Capt. Ray Stachelek

Traditionally the first presentation of the year has always been our long standing friend and member Captain Ray Stachelek.  Captain Ray has been actively flying drones for quite a while over some of our favorite waters, offering breath taking panoramic views of our Ocean State.  Napatree Point is one of the least known gems in the crown jewel of the Rhode Island coastline. This barrier beach along our south western shore offers some of the finest opportunities to intercept the fall migration. Stripers and bluefish stage here during the fall run.  Why not?  Because Napatree Point provides ample forage with a southwest wind that pushes the bait close to the sandy beach shore. Easy to walk and wade, beautiful scenery, serene setting.  This seminar chronicles one special fall October day.  Emphasis will be on bait, flies, and techniques. So, come join us on Tuesday, Jan.16th and be informed.   We’ll have some interesting bucket raffles and good conversations with some great people.  All are welcome. Bring a friend.

Come join us on Tuesday, January 21st at 6:30pm. for a presentation with Captain Ray Stachelek, with a complete look at Fly Fishing Napatree Point during the annual Fall exodus of stripers, blues and albies!

  • Exquisite drone Photography
  • Hole by Hole descriptions
  • Where to fish
  • What to Fish
  • How to fish

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December Meeting

Go West, Young Man!

 Fly Fishing the San Juan River with Ed Lombardo

You don’t want to miss this one! After fishing out West on the premier fly fishing rivers of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho for more than 30 years, Ed Lombardo decided to try something different! Having heard good things about the San Juan River in New Mexico, with its prolific hatches and large Rainbow Trout, he decided it was time for a change! He reports that this river has some of the best dry fly action he’s seen, despite the fact that it’s better known for nymph fishing with small midges. Ed’s presentation will be destination information on water anatomy, how to fish this river, what tackle, fly choices, and rod, reel and line choices for this wonderful fishery. He will also cover flights, vehicle travel, lodging, fly shops, restaurants and total trip cost. And, the fish are BIG as they range from 16”-20” with the species being 70% Rainbows, and 30% Browns. He (and I) highly recommend this fishery when thinking of new places to fish. So come enjoy a great presentation and evening with our own, Ed Lombardo!


December Meeting

Along with Ed’s presentation, our December meeting will also be our Annual Christmas Fly Tackle Sale!   We invite you all to bring unwanted fishing tackle and sell, trade or barter your goods with others. Here’s how it works…

  • Bring tackle tagged with your name & price
  • Find a spot at a table & display your stuff
  • All proceeds are yours

I hope to see you there! We will have some coffee and Christmas cookies – and….holiday liquid refreshments are always available from Jim, our resident barkeeper.

Come join us for what should be a fun evening

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Fly Tying Event For Charity

November Meeting

Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30pm. Our November meeting will be our ‘Annual Fly Tying Event’ for one of our favorite charities, ‘Project Healing Waters,’ a national organization that takes wounded and disabled vets to retreats located around the country, and teaches them fly tying and fly fishing, and also offers  addition support for their recovery process. Please join us as we tie flies to sell at the fishing shows  we attend and at all of our winter meetings.  Each year we do this in support of our  favorite charities and generally raise  about $500 per season which we then  present to our chosen charity. If you want to learn how to tie flies and learn how to fish them, please join us as we will have many members of Rhody Fly Rodders, some of the best tyers on the East Coast and they would be glad to get you started. So, come tie for charity and learn some fly patterns that will catch fish! As our chief fly tyer, Armand Courchaine says, “after you tie one of our flies, all you need then  is to add some water to catch a fish!” We will also have a brief update and explanation of The Atlantic States  Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) recent decision to go with a 28” – 35” slot limit on Striped Bass, presented by our good friend, Peter Jenkins from  ‘Saltwater Edge.’ We’ll have plenty of free coffee, soft drinks and bottled water, with snacks of popcorn, & pretzels. Come have some fun and share some conversation with some friendly and knowledgeable people! See you there, bring a friend, bring two!

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